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Ham Canapes

Ham CanapesHam Canapes

Canapes. WHAT IS PICOTEO TODAY?.  The Ham Canapes are going to surprise you and to like a lot. They are super rich so you never get tired of eating them. It is also a sophisticated recipe, colorful and always successful. Ham Canapes At the nutritional level cheese offers properties and



Canapés. TASTY RECIPE TO ENJOY IN GOOD MOMENTS !. Do you like Italian food?. I confess that I love it because all the recipes are very rich, tasty and irresistible. The Minicalzone is an excellent recipe very economical and easy to make homemade. Let’s savor the nutritious little delicacies. Mmmm!.

Salmon CanapesSalmon Canapes

Canapes. Children love!. In this post we started with an elegant presentation of tapas-based smoked salmon as an appetizer. It is a delicious easy to prepare, healthy and economic recipe. Salmon in our diet is ideal to have a balanced and healthy diet, rich in vitamin D and high value